Tuesday, September 3, 2013

DT Call Closed!

Hi everyone :)
What a glorious sunny day it is here in New South Wales, Australia.
I hope you are having a lovely day too :)

I am writing this post today to let you know that the DT Call for the new & up-coming Dreamtime Designs Craft Challenge is now closed.  However, the fun is only just beginning :)

I am so overwhelmed with gratitude to all those of you who have submitted your gorgeous entries.  All up there were 35 entries & to be honest I really didn't think I would have that many lol.  

Some of you entered more than once & all those of you who have now been following me on FB etc, is amazing.  Even with looking at your blog posts in reference to your entry has been an eye opener as to how many of you are really keen to join the team.  Do you know how difficult it has been for me to pick my team? lol.  Really hard.

To give you a little bit of an idea behind the scenes to making this decision, I will let you know, that I have had to enrol one of my closest friends to come over to my place last night to help me make this decision.  We re-visited each & every one of your blogs & not only looked at your designs that you entered but also took other things into consideration.

Some of you have created designs that are really unique & some of you have really put a lot of thought into your creation in regards to the theme that was set.  Even down to your blog posts...I have really enjoyed reading them, browsing around your blogs, looking at what you have been doing the last few months etc. To give you an idea there was one person in particular that had so much personal feeling behind what she had created & what that design meant to her, it actually left me with a tear in my eye.  I am truly amazed just how many of us design from the heart.

There is another person who simply makes me laugh & giggle every single time I visit her blog. Others that talk in their blog posts like you are actually sitting in a coffee shop having a general chat with eachother.  These elements have been important factors with choosing my new Design Team.

With all that being said I can now say I have successfully chosen who I would like in the Dreamtime Designs Craft Challenge Design Team :)

For those of you that have been successful please watch your inbox as I will be sending you an email within the next few hours to congratulate you on becoming one of my DT members.  This would be a great time for you to ensure you have your email address on your blog or a way for me to privately contact you :)  The email will also let you know what step to take next :)  

For those of you that unfortunately didn't make it into my DT this time around, I can assure you that the decision hasn't been easy for me.  However, on a brighter note, we hope that you will want to participate in our exciting new challenges that I can assure you will be like no other :)

In closing, I have made some badges that you may like to put on your blogs.
With your help spreading the word, we will get more players & the more players, the more fun we will all have :)

Just right click & save to your pc & don't forget to link them back to here :)

Also before I go, please remember there is still time for you to enter for my blog candy.
  There are two lots that you could win & when I reach 50 entries I will add more to the basket :)

You can enter here.

Well, I had better go write & send those emails :)
Take care & see you back here very soon.

Have a great day & thank you again to all of you who have entered the DT Call 
& for all of your support.  I am genuinely very grateful :)


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Divya said...

Hi Lisa: Read your blog post. Please let me know if I'm selected as one of the DTs or not. If yes, then I can directly mail you my contact details on your email id as I don't share them on my blog.

Thank you!!

Lisanne said...

Hi Lisa,

I also don't share my contact details on my blog, if you want them, I will you sent those.

Greetings from Holland,

Unknown said...

Thank you for letting me know your blog has been a taste apply i will wait for the mail know whether i went or not selected, but it is also a fun getting to know your scraper talented as a cordial greeting from Venezuela

Lisanne said...

Hi Lisa,

My email adress is: lisannebakker95@gmail.com

It wasn't placed on my blog, but now it is placed under 'Over mij'.

Kind regards,

valou250809 said...

Hi Lisa. I do not share my mail on my blog then, in case I have the happiness of being a part of your selected players, here is my e-mail: valou250809@skynet.be

Blog: http://lafeerieduscrap.blogspot.com/

I thank you very much. Gaunt has lovely day.

Tindaloo said...

sounds such fun! lookin forward to see what challenges u will have :)