Wednesday, September 11, 2013

DT Roberta's Reaction To The First Challenge :)

Good afternoon everyone :)

Just a quick post to let you know that all of the
Dreamtime Designs Craft Challenge Design Team
were given the details of the first challenge a few days ago :)

I have been promising you all that DDCC will be quite unique & very different from all the other challenges that you are used to.  I want you to know that I totally intend on delivering that promise :)

  When the first challenge was revealed to my Design Team in our Facebook Group I seriously was smiling about the fact that they were a little shocked, lost for words & beside themselves with OMG! lol

The atmosphere inside our little group is very exciting & every day there is a lot of chatter happening :)  

Each of them have now had a few days for the challenge to sink in & now they are 'a buzz' with lots of different ideas with what they are going to do for the challenge.  

A few of them 'have it all together', some are still undecided with exactly what to do, some even have a 'Plan B' set up & one of them is going a little crazy with supply orders that are not going according to plan :)  So much is happening in there, it's great :)

I smile because they are all so happy in the group & keep telling me how much they love being part of the team.  I am getting thanks from at least one of them per day :)  It's so wonderful to see them all working as a 'real' team but at the same time keeping their challenge projects a total secret from each other lol  It's so heart warming & funny at the same time :)  I have grown to love them all dearly & I am sure you will too :)

As you now know this is Roberta :)
I introduced her to you yesterday but if you missed reading her fantastic profile & how she felt when she was invited to the team, you can find it by clicking on the badge below.

After Roberta had all the details about the first DDCC challenge, I waited a day or so & asked her to write a note to all of you, my wonderful followers.  The note was to give you a little insight & an outline as to what she thought of the first challenge & if she thought that DDCC was unique & different from other challenges :)  Of course, I asked her to not give too much away :)

Here is Roberta's note to all of you about the up-coming
Dreamtime Designs Craft Challenge :)


"I’ve just received the parameters for the inaugural challenge at Dreamtime Designs Craft Challenge.  My initial reaction was “Oh, holy cannoli.” (Okay, so maybe cannoli wasn’t the last word in that thought but you get my meaning).

Lisa has been promising we will be home to completely different kinds of challenges and she wasn’t exaggerating even a little bit. This one is really going to be special!

Lisa is asking us to really pour ourselves into our projects. I expect the end results are going to be showcasing not only artistic talent but also true passion and the artist’s personality. 

This is an opportunity for creative souls to really introduce yourself to the rest of the challenge world.

All of us here at Dreamtime Designs Craft Challenge are so excited to see what everyone can come up with….

Are you up to the challenge?"


Thank you so much Roberta.
You are truly wonderful :)

Roberta has also wrote a post on what she thinks about the challenges to her own blog followers.  Go check it out, you can find it here.  I love it :)

Don't forget to leave a lovely comment of encouragement on Roberta's blog letting her know that you have popped in from here. I am sure she would love to repay you the visit.  Why not even become a follower of her blog? Roberta has a very contagious character in such a fantastic way that you seriously don't want to miss any of her posts :)  Not forgetting her gorgeous designs & her fun artistic adventure :)

Well, I hope Roberta's little note to you has given you a little bit of insight & I hope you are just as excited as we are for the challenges to start on the 
1st October :)

While waiting, feel free to enter for the blog candy.
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Don't forget to come back tomorrow.
I will be introducing another one of the ladies on my 
Dreamtime Designs Craft Challenge Design Team :)  

Hmmm, I wonder who will be next?
Follow my blog so that you don't miss a thing.

Take care, stay safe & I'll see you here tomorrow :)

Hugs xx

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Unknown said...

Lisa, looks like you might have stirred a hornets nest, with all the buzzing, so glad your DT are having fun, I am now following Roberta on blogland and bloglovin, all the best xxx

The-Butterfly said...

Woohoo! Roberts rocks! That's what I say :) haha!

The-Butterfly said...

Lol! Roberta! Not Roberts! Although I'm sure he rocks too!

Julie Gleeson said...

Great Lisa, and I love Roberta's Reaction to the challenge! It is very exciting and nerve racking! lol Hugs x

Sam K said...

What a great post Lisa, I'm sitting here grinning ear to ear and even more excited. Your right Roberta (or Roberts to some :p ) has a very contagious funny personality, I am if course following her :)

Cindy said...

I love your reaction Roberta, We will make everybody very curious! Your such a humour person, really like that!

Jay said...

I agree with everyone, Roberta does have a very funny and contagious humour! x