Thursday, September 12, 2013

Introducing DDCC Designer Cindy :)

Hi everyone,

Wow what a day!  For some reason I feel really tired.  Maybe it's the late nights & getting up so early in the morning lol.  Oh well, the weekend is nearly here so maybe I will be able to sleep in :)  Yeah right...who am I trying to kid lol.

I hope you all have had a good day or about to have a good day depending on where you are :)  It's currently 7pm Thursday night here.  I wonder what the time is in your part of the world right now?

Thank you for coming back to visit & lovely warm welcome to all my new followers :)  It's great to have you here.

Tonight I would like to introduce to you one of my DT members of
Dreamtime Designs Craft Challenge.

Everyone, this is Cindy :)
Please help me give her a nice warm welcome.

Cindy has her own wonderful blog called Cindy's Creations.

Just like I did Roberta & the rest of the team, I asked Cindy to write her profile for me so that we could get to know her a little better :)

I hope you enjoy finding out more about Cindy like we have :)


Hi ladies,
As Lisa has asked, I will tell something about myself, but olalala, what do I have to tell? 

My name is Cindy van der Velde, 39 years old and I live in Hellevoetsluis, The Netherlands . It is a small town approx. 30 km of Rotterdam.  I live together with my boyfriend. I don't have any children. 

I work full time at a lawyers / solicitors office. I am appointed by the District Court as trustee of people with large debts. It is my job to help them to get a steady life.  I meet people with a lot of problems, so card making for me is the utmost way to relax.

I've made cards since I was a little girl. I was always sitting near my Mom with some items to make. I make cards in lot of different ways (scrap, embroidery).  Furthermore I make my own clothes now and then. I like knitting, cross stitch, embroidery, too much to tell.

When Lisa asked me to become a DT member I was thrilled and overwhelmed. What a news. I could not concentrate on my work anymore..... 

I never thought that I would be chosen. As a child a was very shy. 
Now that Lisa has chosen me it is a boost for my self-confidence. I am so happy!

I think that a lot of people will join the challenge because of the kind words we will leave etc. 
I know a lot of blogs where it is not in that way. I will do the best I can to make DDCC a success together with my DT Sisters. 

I am glad that I have met them all & I have the feeling that I have made a lot of new friends. I have visited their blogs already and wow, what wonderful creations and coloring. I am so happy to be a Dreamette! 

I have landed on earth a little bit now but the news was so great.
I hope you understand my English because it is not my mother language. 

I am very excited to meet you all! We will have a lot of fun. 
Thanks Lisa for choosing me.

Hugs, Cindy.


Thanks so much Cindy.  It is fantastic to have you on the team :)

Cindy also wrote a post on her blog to let her followers know the good news.
Please feel free to see it here & congratulate Cindy on her new DT position.

I will be back to show you Cindy's reaction when she also found out what the DT's first challenge was when I told them all :)  It would be great to see you back here then.

Thank you for visiting & see you tomorrow.

Hugs xx

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Unknown said...

Cindy was a great choice for the team...OUR team. Yay! She has a phenomenal sense of color and does lovely work. Plus, she's a sweet lady that I'm so pleased to have met.
Congratulations again, Cindy. And to Lisa as well for being so lucky to have Cindy here at DDCC!
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Jay said...

Well done Cindy, your a very lovely lady and its nice to learn a little more about you. Your English is excellent, never worry about that! Cuddles Jay xxx

The-Butterfly said...

Another fantastic member of the team picked! gorgeous creations on her blog - cant wait to see what she comes up with for the team ;)

Sam K said...

Cindy, is such fun and makes such beautiful creations :) We have to keep an eye on her though as we already lost her once! (well her bio post to be exact...hehe....) hugs x

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