Saturday, September 28, 2013

Introducing DDCC Designer Joanne :)

Hello my lovely blog friends :)
How have you been today?  What have you been up to?

Today, I have been getting a few things ready behind the scenes for the new
Dreamtime Designs Craft Challenge which takes place & officially opens in just two days time.  Woo hoo :)  It is so exciting :)

This means there are only two more days for your to enter the blog candy, which you can do here.

There is still a lot for me to do to get my blog organised, so without further 
a-do I would like to introduce to you the last member of our Design Team.

Please welcome our wonderful DT Member Joanne :)

Joanne's blog: TropicLuv, Cards In Paradise :)

Joanne has written an lovely profile for you which is as follows:


Aloha! I am Joanne and I am currently living in Phoenix, AZ. 
I moved here from the Big Island of Hawaii to care for my elderly father. I miss my island terribly! I have a wonderful, handsome man named Paul, and we just celebrated our 27th anniversary on Sept. 6th – not bad huh?!

I started creating with paper 6 years ago. I wanted to make my own Christmas cards, and when I did, I was hooked! I mainly do cards, but also love to create all sorts of mixed media with paper, and a bit of scrapbooking. I try to make something every day because it keeps me sane! Really, it is the best therapy in the world and I am addicted!

I found out about Dreamtime Designs from the DT call. I was not selected at first, but then Lisa contacted me and I was overjoyed! I wanted to join the team as one of the others I am on is ending. I so enjoy the blog aspect of being on a DT. I have met so many wonderful, talented ladies from all over the world. Their work inspires my soul and I learn SO much! 

I look forward to being on the Designettes team and making comments. It is VERY important to support those who take the time to create something special for our challenge. I have my own challenge blog (Chocolate, Coffee & Card Challenges) and I stress this to my DT!

I am looking forward to challenging myself at Dreamtime Designs. I am the kind of person who loves change and a challenge or I get restless! I can see that this is a perfect fit for me!

So far, I am overjoyed to be on this team, even if we haven't even posted our first challenge! Lisa did a fab job on setting it up! It is wonderfully different! I so enjoy learning from others and expanding my knowledge of our craft. I can see that this will happen here! 

To all of you I will say, onward and upward with fun and new friends! Please teach me all that you can! 
Hugs & Aloha!


Thank you so much Joanne & we are extremely happy to have you part of our team :)

If you would like to have a browse through Joanne's blog to look at all of her wonderful designs you can do so here.  I am sure that you would love to become a follower of her blog :)

I have now introduced all of the Dreamtime Designs Craft Challenge Design Team to you & if you are looking for the links to their blogs you will find them on my side bar.

We have a wonderful team of ladies & each of them have done brilliantly with their first challenge & they really didn't expect to be 'such a challenge' lol.  Well, it definitely was exactly that & you will be able to see for yourselves in just two days time on the 1st October when you too can participate :)  We would love to see what you come up with :)

I will be adjusting a few things on my blog over the next day or so in preparation for your new challenge blog here at DDCC :)

Take care & see you back here soon.
Thank you very much for visiting.

Big hugs xx

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Friday, September 27, 2013

Introducing DDCC Designer Mikha :)

Hello my delightful friends.

What a beautiful day it has been. The sun has been shining bright so I thought it would be great to go to the beach & treat myself to a cappuccino at the coffee shop. So, that is what I am doing right now whilst writing this post.

Yesterday was an absolute shocker hot day here. The cold weather I think is a thing of the past right now as it was 34 degrees with boiling hot, strong winds. It was that hot that I even had to put the air conditioner on. 

It totally took me by surprise when Zoe asked if she & my Niece, who stayed over, could bake a rainbow cake. It wasn't the fact that they wanted to cook, it was because I knew that the oven was going to be on & would add further heat to the house.  So thank goodness I had the air con lol. Mind you the cake turned out like a flat rubber pancake lol. Oh well, they had fun which is the main thing :)

Wow!  We only have three days left until the very first Dreamtime Designs Craft Challenge goes live :)  It has been a massively busy month getting prepared for it & I still have heaps to do to get the blog ready in time.
It has been very eventful in our DT Facebook group but especially over the last week where nearly all of us have been concerned that we wouldn't get our first challenge projects completed in time. However, I am happy to say that we are all ready & waiting in anticipation & excitement to show you what we have accomplished with the challenge.  

The funny thing is that even though all of the DT ladies have all finished their projects, it is our DT policy that all designers are not to show each other their completed projects in full.  They are only able to show a sneak peek of it lol. Which means, even though they have seen the sneak peeks, it has lead to a more heightened anticipation because they all want to see more of what each other has done lol.  However, they too have to wait till the challenge goes live here on my blog to see for themselves what their DT Sisters have accomplished.

The only person that has seen all of the completed projects in full is myself.  This is due to the uniqueness & complexity of the challenge to ensure that the concept has been met & will be presented to you to enable the full impact of inspiration.

With myself being the only one that has seen all of the DT projects in it's full glory, let me tell you, I have picked the most excellent Design Team & group of glorious ladies ever.  I am extremely thankful to them & let me assure you, their projects all have a different light on the first challenge & they are definitely worth the wait in gold to see :)  You will not be disappointed in what they bring to the inspiration table nor will you be disappointed with the very first Dreamtime Designs Craft Challenge.

Now that I have given you an update on what we have been up to & what has been happening behind the scenes, I would like to introduce you to another wonderful lady in our Design Team.

Everyone, this is Mikha :)

Mikha's blog: Mikha's Craft Corner :)

Mikha has written a lovely profile for you to read which is as follows.


I live in Surabaya, Indonesia. Surabaya is a hot city. Indonesia only has 2 climates, rainy season and dry season. And, seems Surabaya adapt the dry season well to create such a hot temperature.

I'm 22 years old this year and have just had my graduation ceremony. I live with my parents here, in a small house.

I've loved creating and crafting since elementary school. I'm such an easy bored person. I hopped from one activities to another. I've even tried paper crafting; if you know, creating 3D decoration from specific patterns and got bored in the middle. I also tried knitting, but NO! I'm not that patient LOL. In my younger years, I also made some handmade jewelry; of course it's so simple and childish and also not that beautiful LOL.

Around 2011, my room mates introduced me to scrapbook. I've already bought some materials, but then I stopped because I can't find any community which I don't know just yet. Then on November 2012, my friend asked me to come to a gathering, a card maker gathering. From that moment, I learned that card making is my passion. I love making cards, swapping mine with others, and really really love it because I got tons of new friends 

And, how did I find out about Dreamtime Designs? You'd think this is really something. I'm starting blogging on June 2013. And my first blog challenge is 1 or 2 months from that, for I don't know how to operate blog LOL. On my first challenge, I saw Lisa's amazing card, and got hooked. "Oh my, she's so wonderful and talented" that's all on my mind 

  Then I found about her announcement of DT call when I visited a friend's blog  I just want to give it a try, and whoaaa... so surprised that Lisa selected me 
I'm on Dreamettes, btw 

I really love being in the Designer Team of DDCC. All of them are so friendly  I feel accepted already, LOL.
And, this is my first time being DT of any blog  that's why I'm so excited 

I can't wait to see our creations showcased on DDCC first challenge  

Hugs from Surabaya,
Mikha Adriani 


Isn't she adorable?  We love her to bits :)

Mikha wrote her DT announcement to all of her followers which you can read here.  While you are there take a look at her wonderful designs & don't forget to become a follower of her blog :)

Thank you Mikha for being such a delightful person in our little DT group :)

I will be back tomorrow to introduce another wonderful lady in our DT group.  There is only one lovely lady left to be presented & then we will be ready to go live with our first DDCC challenge on the 1st October, Australia time :)

Before I go, just a reminder that there are only a few days left to enter my blog candy.  If you haven't entered yet, you can do so here.  There are three prizes up for grabs :)

Thanks so much for popping by & hope that you will come again tomorrow.

Big hugs xxx

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Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Sweetest Thing - Tabletop Home Decor Canvas


Please Note: This blog has moved to:

You will find the Sweetest Thing design & the copic combo list here:

My apologies for any inconvenience.

Hope to see you there.

XO Lisa

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Introducing DDCC Designer Julie :)

Good morning my dove loves :)
(I know...I have been saying this for the last few weeks to my friends etc & they look at me kinda weird when I do lol.  But for some reason, it just keeps coming out :)  Oh well, maybe I will start off a new greeting trend lol.

I will be making two posts today.  
This one to introduce you to DT Julie & the one a bit later to show you my latest design for the Aussie Besties challenge.  The above pic is a little Dreamtime glimpse :)  Do you like the colours?  I think you are going to like this design coming up so hopefully you will join me a bit later to have a better look :)

Until then....

Introducing another one of our DT Members at 
Dreamtime Designs Craft Challenge is Julie :)

Julie's blog is: Something Beautiful By Julie :)

Which is quite appropriate as her designs are beautiful.  Julie is also from Australia in New South Wales so it is nice to have a team member living not far from me :) Probably about an hours drive away.  Everyone else is in different countries, so its great having a friend in the same time zone :)

Here is Julie's profile so that you can get to know her a little better too.


Hi I'm Julie Gleeson. 
I am a stay at home Mum. I have 5 kids, ranging in age from 21 down to 2, and a patient Hubby. We live at Macksville on the Mid North Coast of NSW Australia. 

I love nothing more than doing crafts for relaxation and enjoyment. I have been making cards for the last 21 years, but only recently started a blog when I was asked by Sherri Baldy to join her US Design team. I have also since then become a DT Member for her Aussie My-Besties Challenge Blog and the Scrapbook Stamp Society Challenge Blog.

I have studied Art full time over 5 years and love all types of Art and Craft including, Painting, Folk Art, Ceramics, Jewellery, Mosaic, Teddy and Doll Making, Dance Costumes, and more recently Hair Accessories.  I have also taught classes in many of the above crafts to Ladies and Children, at Spotlight and various other places.  I also work a few shifts a month in a craft gallery in Nambucca Heads, where I sell some of my work!

When I was asked to be on the Design Team for Lisa's new blog Dreamtime Designs Craft Challenge Blog, I was so excited and thrilled. It is going to be a great adventure and learning experience for me, and the other team members.  I gather inspiration from many other artists, but always add my own flare to my work. I hope you will gather inspiration from me also.

Yours in Craftiness Julie xox


Feel free to have a look at her post when Julie announced to her blog followers that she was chosen for the DDCC Design Team.  You can see it here.  While you are there don't forget to become a follower of her blog.  Julie has wonderful designs that I am sure you would love to be updated with each new addition to her blog.

Thank you so much Julie & I hope you are have a fabulous time with the first challenge at hand :)

We can't wait to see what you all come up with.

Well, that is it from me this morning.
See you again later today when I update you with my new design :)

Hugs xx


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Friday, September 20, 2013

Introducing DDCC Designer Gemma :)

Good morning my lovely blog friends :)

It's a beautiful day, the sun is shining & even though it's a little windy, I have been having a wonderful time sitting out in the garden checking emails etc on my phone.  Shame I don't have any washing to do as it would be the perfect weather for it with getting it dry.  However, I am thankful that I don't have any house chores to do today :)  It is a day for crafting for me :)

We are now more than half way through with presenting the new 
Dreamtime Designs Craft Challenge Design Team to you :) 

The next designer I would like to introduce to you is Gemma :)

Gemma's blog is Handmade by Gem

Gemma has settled nicely into our little Facebook DT Group & we have all been bugging her with product suggestions & advice.  We have found that Gemma has used a few different techniques & items that we haven't used before, so Gemma has been wonderful in shedding some light for us :)  Thanks Gem :)

Gemma has written her profile for us :)


Hiya, I’m Gemma, 
I’m 28 and have been married 8 years to the love of my life who I met when I was 14! We have 2 cats and an 8 month old baby girl! 

I’ve always crafted in some form, I started with cross stitch when I was very young and have tried my hand at all sorts! My big passion at the moment is Cardmaking, I can spend many an hour colouring in. My favourite things to use to colour are Promarkers and Prismacolor Pencils. I also love working on my Project Life! 

I came across Dreamtime Designs whilst browsing blogland recently and decided to enter the DT call and am very excited to have been asked to join this group of lovely ladies and become a Designette! 

I can’t wait to get started and I am looking forward to the upcoming challenges!


You can find Gemma's original DT announcement post to her blog friends here.

Talking of our challenges, here are Gemma's thoughts on the first DDCC adventure after she found out the details :)


I was excited to find out what our first DDCC would be and I was anticipating something out of the ordinary as we had been hinted at that this was to be like no other Challenge blog out there...but oh my word I was seriously underestimating the task at hand and I am left wondering if I have perhaps bitten off more than I could chew with this one! 

It's going to take some serious thought, planning, and outside of the box thinking but this is exactly what I need to get me off my bum out of my comfort zone and taking my crafting to new levels! I have planned my project out and can't wait to get started, I just hope it doesn't take me longer than I think! 

Gem xx


Thank you so much Gemma.
I really cannot wait to see what creative cooking you have going on in your craft room Gemma :)  You can read Gemma's post on her blog about the first challenge here.

Don't forget to check out all of Gemma's wonderful designs & see what she has been getting up to in the craft world.  Become a follower so that you don't miss out on her blog & design updates :)

I am sooo keen to see what all of the DT are going to be doing for their first challenge projects.  It is going to be amazing!

Before I go, I just want to remind you of the blog candy that is available to you.  There isn't very long left to get your entry in.  You can enter by clicking on the image:

There will be three winners.  Good luck :)

Have a great day everyone.
See you tomorrow.

Hugs x


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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Introducing DDCC Designer Jay :)

Good morning everyone :)
I am able to grab some time this morning to write this post to you.

My Daughter Zoe is coming home from school early today as she isn't feeling too well.  She has a cold coming on with a terrible sore throat. However, she decided to wait till after her maths class to come home as she is having a test.  Isn't she good? If it were me, back in my school days, I would have wanted to come home before the maths test lol.  

She also shocked me yesterday with having completed her Science homework.  Normally I'm nagging her to get it done but no, not this time.  It is all done :)  Since she has changed schools her attitude towards her work is a lot better. I'm so proud of her :)

Well, here I am again to introduce to you another one of our DT members.

Everyone please welcome Jane...who prefers to be called Jay :)

Jay's blog - Jay's Crafty Corner

If you love Magnolia stamps then you will love Jay :)  
She is a lot like me & loves Tilda :)

Here is a little about Jay.


Hi, my name is Jay I am a married Mum of one and married to the love of my life for 25 years. 

I have been crafting one way or another throughout my lifetime. When I was little I made teddies and tiny felt dolls, that I sewed. I also knit (not very well lol) and crotchet.

I enjoy paper crafting most days of the week and adore colouring with a variety of mediums but my absolute favourite is Prisma pencils LOS Technique. I also use Copics and I have recently started to use distress inks too.

I heard about Dreamtime Designs when I was leaving a comment for a friend. When I read through the information for the blog I knew that I would like to be involved, so I applied and here I am!!!

I am in the the Designettes sister group with the lovely Lorraine, Beverly, Emmey and Gemma. 

Dreamtime Design DT is the friendliest DT. All the lovely ladies are in regular contact with each other and we have a real family feel to the group.

We are all looking forward to stretching ourselves and learning new techniques and making the challenge blog a huge success. 

DDCC is something completely different and there are a few surprises in store.
We would love you to come join in this exciting new challenge blog and follow our journey too.


Woo hoo! How exciting :)
You can also see the DT post that Jay made to her followers to let them know the great news here.

Jay has also given you a little insight as to what she thought of our first challenge that is due to go live on the 1st October :)


When I read the challenge, initially I was very surprised!!! 
It certainly is not a standard challenge, its a brand new take on the guidelines for a challenge. I’ve never done one this detailed before and I wanted to be stretched! This first challenge is certainly doing that! I love that Lisa has asked us to add a little bit of ourselves into this challenge.  

Now, a few days on, I have my design mapped out in my head and am looking forward to making my first ever creation for this exciting and friendly new challenge blog!
Cuddles Jay x


Thanks so much Jay :)

You can read more about Jay's initial reaction to the first challenge here.
While you are there have a look around Jays blog. Her creations are wonderful :)  Don't forget to become a follower so that you can keep up-to-date with her designs & adventures.

Tomorrow I will be back with another DT to introduce to you :)
Hope to see you then.



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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Dreamtime Glimpse & Introducing DDCC Designer Sam :)

Hi my lovelies,
 How are we all today?
Guess what...I have managed to get some crafty stuff done.  It's been a lovely rainy day today which is my favourite time to get crafty :)

I thought I just might give you a tiny little bit of a glimpse of my Dreamtime Designs Craft Challenge project :)  I have made sure that you can't see much due to not wanting to give too much away, but it's a little glimpse none the less lol.

Here it is :)

Hmmm, what can you make of that then? :)
Let me know in the comments what your thoughts are.

While you are having a think about what it is, let me introduce you to another one of our DT Members.

This is Samantha.... but we all call her Sam :)
Don't you just love her fangs lol.  Sam is excited about Halloween approaching I think lol.

Sam has a great little blog called Little Pear Tree :)

Sam is absolutely wonderful but I'll let you be the judge as she has written her profile for you.


I am still relatively new to all this - Blogs, crafting, colouring etc, but they are all things I aspire to become the best I can be at.

My name is Samantha (Sam for short) and I live in Essex England (no, no white stilettos, false eyelashes or fake tan…lol). I am a 36 yr old mum to two beautiful girls, one nearly 18 years old (OK, OK, so I fit the young mum Essex stereotype…lol…but I can assure you, I was daft and there wasn’t that many young mums then…lol – Not that I’d change having her for the world!) and a sixteen month old!!

Yes, a bit of a gap…haha…But after many operations etc I was told I couldn’t (and didn’t for a very long time..) have any more children, in fact my specialist nearly fell off his chair when I walked into his office pregnant. Needless to say, as much as it was a shock we were over the moon, although a bit late in life and just as we are getting our own time back, as our other is off hand, we start again…But boy it’s worth it.

I work for a transport company and now do just two days a week to be a stay at home mum the rest of the time for my youngest daughter (My mother and father in law look after our youngest whilst I work, hence also only doing two days, as she tires them out…hehe…and we don’t want a stranger looking after her for the rest of the week).

I have a wonderful husband, a very cuddly 9 yr old Rottweiler called ‘Vinnie’, two cats – Barney 14yrs & Bud 13yrs, Snakes and a horse called ‘Poppy’- whom I have now retired. We did have a pond full of koi and goldfish until recently, but have been overhauling the garden and removed the pond, so they were re-homed with the in-laws. 

I love family life, animals, cars, the odd book (or should I say Kindle read!) and of course crafting.
I had great imagination as a child, but somewhere over the years it dwindled away, So I’m so glad I’ve recently got into crafting as it would be nice to get some of that imagination back. I must say though that I am still in awe of everything, to the point that I see something different and think oooo I must have a go at that and then something else and oooo I must have a go at that etc, so bear with me if I jump from one thing to another…hehe.  I'm very much an 'I want to make everything from scratch' kind of person (including embellishments). I love investigating into things and trying out different variations of the same thing. 

I’m hooked on Promarker colouring more than anything at the moment and any hints or tips would be much appreciated. Followed closely by stamping, again any tips etc send them my way. 

I fell in love with Lisa’s work as soon as I first saw it and more importantly she inspired me. She puts so much effort into what she does and her enthusiasum is infectious. As soon as I found out about the DT call I knew I wanted to enter, I didn’t for one second ever think I would be selected (and still can’t believe it). There were a few of reasons I wanted in, Lisa, her persona, her work and her excitement, to be part of something from the start, to help build it and grow it and hopefully make it something amazing. It really has got me excited and the fact that Lisa and the rest of the team seem so like minded in what they want the challenges to give to people just makes it even better. 

I’m in the Dreamettes group, so hey to all my new crafty sisters and of course hey to the Designettes too as we are after all one big crafty collection.

I hope during my time with the team that I can inspire people to be creative and enjoy their crafting. I am still learning as I go, but hope to share as I learn, so that maybe others can learn too. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the DT and all participants create each challenge and I love the fact that I will be part of a team dedicated to leaving personal comments for other fellow crafters. In fact one of the things I hope to achieve whilst on the team is to make people happy, happy that someone went to their blog, actually looked properly at and read about their creation and then left a great comment. I want others to get that wonderful butterfly feeling I know I get, when I get a genuinely interested commenter.

I’m so honoured to be invited to this very talented team and can’t wait for what’s sure to be lots of fun


Thanks so much Sam.
I think it is going to be fantastic leaving genuine comments on our challenge player blogs too.  I can't wait actually :)  You can see Sam's blog post that she wrote to her followers about her good news here.

When i asked Sam if she could write a note to you all about what she thought of our first challenge, this is what she wrote...


Well what can I say about when I first saw the challenge details for the very first DDCC….Oh my god!!! But in a very good way of course.  The challenge absolutely blew my mind, it was so different and really made me sit back and think about what I’m going to do.

No follow this or use that or incorporate this particular thing, it was a challenge that gives the crafter/designer complete design freedom, but at the same time had a very definite guide. The other big thing I noticed about this challenge, was that it was personal and actually made me feel like part of the challenge, rather than just my project being part of the challenge.

I’m so excited and can’t wait to see all my DT sister’s  and your creations. This Challenge will really push your boundaries and make you think outside the box :p x


What a great little bit of insight Sam :)
Thank you.

Sam has also written a post to her blog followers about the first challenge too. You can see it here. When you go to visit be sure to have a look at her wonderful designs & what she has been up to lately. Don't forget to become a follower of her blog so you don't miss out on any updates :)

Well, that's it from me today.  Thank you so much for popping in.
See you in the next day or so when I give you more info about our little Design Team @ DDCC.



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