Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Dreamtime Glimpse & Introducing DDCC Designer Sam :)

Hi my lovelies,
 How are we all today?
Guess what...I have managed to get some crafty stuff done.  It's been a lovely rainy day today which is my favourite time to get crafty :)

I thought I just might give you a tiny little bit of a glimpse of my Dreamtime Designs Craft Challenge project :)  I have made sure that you can't see much due to not wanting to give too much away, but it's a little glimpse none the less lol.

Here it is :)

Hmmm, what can you make of that then? :)
Let me know in the comments what your thoughts are.

While you are having a think about what it is, let me introduce you to another one of our DT Members.

This is Samantha.... but we all call her Sam :)
Don't you just love her fangs lol.  Sam is excited about Halloween approaching I think lol.

Sam has a great little blog called Little Pear Tree :)

Sam is absolutely wonderful but I'll let you be the judge as she has written her profile for you.


I am still relatively new to all this - Blogs, crafting, colouring etc, but they are all things I aspire to become the best I can be at.

My name is Samantha (Sam for short) and I live in Essex England (no, no white stilettos, false eyelashes or fake tan…lol). I am a 36 yr old mum to two beautiful girls, one nearly 18 years old (OK, OK, so I fit the young mum Essex stereotype…lol…but I can assure you, I was daft and there wasn’t that many young mums then…lol – Not that I’d change having her for the world!) and a sixteen month old!!

Yes, a bit of a gap…haha…But after many operations etc I was told I couldn’t (and didn’t for a very long time..) have any more children, in fact my specialist nearly fell off his chair when I walked into his office pregnant. Needless to say, as much as it was a shock we were over the moon, although a bit late in life and just as we are getting our own time back, as our other is off hand, we start again…But boy it’s worth it.

I work for a transport company and now do just two days a week to be a stay at home mum the rest of the time for my youngest daughter (My mother and father in law look after our youngest whilst I work, hence also only doing two days, as she tires them out…hehe…and we don’t want a stranger looking after her for the rest of the week).

I have a wonderful husband, a very cuddly 9 yr old Rottweiler called ‘Vinnie’, two cats – Barney 14yrs & Bud 13yrs, Snakes and a horse called ‘Poppy’- whom I have now retired. We did have a pond full of koi and goldfish until recently, but have been overhauling the garden and removed the pond, so they were re-homed with the in-laws. 

I love family life, animals, cars, the odd book (or should I say Kindle read!) and of course crafting.
I had great imagination as a child, but somewhere over the years it dwindled away, So I’m so glad I’ve recently got into crafting as it would be nice to get some of that imagination back. I must say though that I am still in awe of everything, to the point that I see something different and think oooo I must have a go at that and then something else and oooo I must have a go at that etc, so bear with me if I jump from one thing to another…hehe.  I'm very much an 'I want to make everything from scratch' kind of person (including embellishments). I love investigating into things and trying out different variations of the same thing. 

I’m hooked on Promarker colouring more than anything at the moment and any hints or tips would be much appreciated. Followed closely by stamping, again any tips etc send them my way. 

I fell in love with Lisa’s work as soon as I first saw it and more importantly she inspired me. She puts so much effort into what she does and her enthusiasum is infectious. As soon as I found out about the DT call I knew I wanted to enter, I didn’t for one second ever think I would be selected (and still can’t believe it). There were a few of reasons I wanted in, Lisa, her persona, her work and her excitement, to be part of something from the start, to help build it and grow it and hopefully make it something amazing. It really has got me excited and the fact that Lisa and the rest of the team seem so like minded in what they want the challenges to give to people just makes it even better. 

I’m in the Dreamettes group, so hey to all my new crafty sisters and of course hey to the Designettes too as we are after all one big crafty collection.

I hope during my time with the team that I can inspire people to be creative and enjoy their crafting. I am still learning as I go, but hope to share as I learn, so that maybe others can learn too. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the DT and all participants create each challenge and I love the fact that I will be part of a team dedicated to leaving personal comments for other fellow crafters. In fact one of the things I hope to achieve whilst on the team is to make people happy, happy that someone went to their blog, actually looked properly at and read about their creation and then left a great comment. I want others to get that wonderful butterfly feeling I know I get, when I get a genuinely interested commenter.

I’m so honoured to be invited to this very talented team and can’t wait for what’s sure to be lots of fun


Thanks so much Sam.
I think it is going to be fantastic leaving genuine comments on our challenge player blogs too.  I can't wait actually :)  You can see Sam's blog post that she wrote to her followers about her good news here.

When i asked Sam if she could write a note to you all about what she thought of our first challenge, this is what she wrote...


Well what can I say about when I first saw the challenge details for the very first DDCC….Oh my god!!! But in a very good way of course.  The challenge absolutely blew my mind, it was so different and really made me sit back and think about what I’m going to do.

No follow this or use that or incorporate this particular thing, it was a challenge that gives the crafter/designer complete design freedom, but at the same time had a very definite guide. The other big thing I noticed about this challenge, was that it was personal and actually made me feel like part of the challenge, rather than just my project being part of the challenge.

I’m so excited and can’t wait to see all my DT sister’s  and your creations. This Challenge will really push your boundaries and make you think outside the box :p x


What a great little bit of insight Sam :)
Thank you.

Sam has also written a post to her blog followers about the first challenge too. You can see it here. When you go to visit be sure to have a look at her wonderful designs & what she has been up to lately. Don't forget to become a follower of her blog so you don't miss out on any updates :)

Well, that's it from me today.  Thank you so much for popping in.
See you in the next day or so when I give you more info about our little Design Team @ DDCC.



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The-Butterfly said...

Sam really is lovely! And she wears those fangs all the time apparently! Lol I can't wait to see whatSam comes up with for the challenge, she's also a great laugh on our Facebook group!

And Lisa!! You big fat tease!!

Cindy said...

Sam is so humurous! Really love it! And Lisa, I can see it is a magnolia, I guess, but which one? Hugs, Cindy

*Vicki* said...

Love reading everyone's comments and thoughts here! So fun! :)

I look forward to seeing the first challenge. This peek of an image certainly looks like a magnolia stamp, but yes, which one?! LOL!

caroline said...

great reading your intro, look forward to seeing your first challenge,
yep i thought a magnolia stamp looks mighty like a snowman
caroline x

Sam K said...

Thanks everyone and Lisa for the great intro :)....I'm so excited for this challenge. I too think its a magnolia stamp, looks like a set of dungarees :p But as Im not up on my magnolia stamps, not a clue what or who it could be....hehe.....Every time someone does a glimpse, i get even more excited ;) x

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Unknown said...

Sam is the epitome of a Wonder Woman! The number of things she does in a single week and still finds the time to craft astonish me.
I love her sweet comments on my blog. And I so admire the work she puts into her own projects; be they cards or cakes, they're always done with a great eye for detail!
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