Friday, September 27, 2013

Introducing DDCC Designer Mikha :)

Hello my delightful friends.

What a beautiful day it has been. The sun has been shining bright so I thought it would be great to go to the beach & treat myself to a cappuccino at the coffee shop. So, that is what I am doing right now whilst writing this post.

Yesterday was an absolute shocker hot day here. The cold weather I think is a thing of the past right now as it was 34 degrees with boiling hot, strong winds. It was that hot that I even had to put the air conditioner on. 

It totally took me by surprise when Zoe asked if she & my Niece, who stayed over, could bake a rainbow cake. It wasn't the fact that they wanted to cook, it was because I knew that the oven was going to be on & would add further heat to the house.  So thank goodness I had the air con lol. Mind you the cake turned out like a flat rubber pancake lol. Oh well, they had fun which is the main thing :)

Wow!  We only have three days left until the very first Dreamtime Designs Craft Challenge goes live :)  It has been a massively busy month getting prepared for it & I still have heaps to do to get the blog ready in time.
It has been very eventful in our DT Facebook group but especially over the last week where nearly all of us have been concerned that we wouldn't get our first challenge projects completed in time. However, I am happy to say that we are all ready & waiting in anticipation & excitement to show you what we have accomplished with the challenge.  

The funny thing is that even though all of the DT ladies have all finished their projects, it is our DT policy that all designers are not to show each other their completed projects in full.  They are only able to show a sneak peek of it lol. Which means, even though they have seen the sneak peeks, it has lead to a more heightened anticipation because they all want to see more of what each other has done lol.  However, they too have to wait till the challenge goes live here on my blog to see for themselves what their DT Sisters have accomplished.

The only person that has seen all of the completed projects in full is myself.  This is due to the uniqueness & complexity of the challenge to ensure that the concept has been met & will be presented to you to enable the full impact of inspiration.

With myself being the only one that has seen all of the DT projects in it's full glory, let me tell you, I have picked the most excellent Design Team & group of glorious ladies ever.  I am extremely thankful to them & let me assure you, their projects all have a different light on the first challenge & they are definitely worth the wait in gold to see :)  You will not be disappointed in what they bring to the inspiration table nor will you be disappointed with the very first Dreamtime Designs Craft Challenge.

Now that I have given you an update on what we have been up to & what has been happening behind the scenes, I would like to introduce you to another wonderful lady in our Design Team.

Everyone, this is Mikha :)

Mikha's blog: Mikha's Craft Corner :)

Mikha has written a lovely profile for you to read which is as follows.


I live in Surabaya, Indonesia. Surabaya is a hot city. Indonesia only has 2 climates, rainy season and dry season. And, seems Surabaya adapt the dry season well to create such a hot temperature.

I'm 22 years old this year and have just had my graduation ceremony. I live with my parents here, in a small house.

I've loved creating and crafting since elementary school. I'm such an easy bored person. I hopped from one activities to another. I've even tried paper crafting; if you know, creating 3D decoration from specific patterns and got bored in the middle. I also tried knitting, but NO! I'm not that patient LOL. In my younger years, I also made some handmade jewelry; of course it's so simple and childish and also not that beautiful LOL.

Around 2011, my room mates introduced me to scrapbook. I've already bought some materials, but then I stopped because I can't find any community which I don't know just yet. Then on November 2012, my friend asked me to come to a gathering, a card maker gathering. From that moment, I learned that card making is my passion. I love making cards, swapping mine with others, and really really love it because I got tons of new friends 

And, how did I find out about Dreamtime Designs? You'd think this is really something. I'm starting blogging on June 2013. And my first blog challenge is 1 or 2 months from that, for I don't know how to operate blog LOL. On my first challenge, I saw Lisa's amazing card, and got hooked. "Oh my, she's so wonderful and talented" that's all on my mind 

  Then I found about her announcement of DT call when I visited a friend's blog  I just want to give it a try, and whoaaa... so surprised that Lisa selected me 
I'm on Dreamettes, btw 

I really love being in the Designer Team of DDCC. All of them are so friendly  I feel accepted already, LOL.
And, this is my first time being DT of any blog  that's why I'm so excited 

I can't wait to see our creations showcased on DDCC first challenge  

Hugs from Surabaya,
Mikha Adriani 


Isn't she adorable?  We love her to bits :)

Mikha wrote her DT announcement to all of her followers which you can read here.  While you are there take a look at her wonderful designs & don't forget to become a follower of her blog :)

Thank you Mikha for being such a delightful person in our little DT group :)

I will be back tomorrow to introduce another wonderful lady in our DT group.  There is only one lovely lady left to be presented & then we will be ready to go live with our first DDCC challenge on the 1st October, Australia time :)

Before I go, just a reminder that there are only a few days left to enter my blog candy.  If you haven't entered yet, you can do so here.  There are three prizes up for grabs :)

Thanks so much for popping by & hope that you will come again tomorrow.

Big hugs xxx

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Unknown said...

Mikha is a incredibly talented doll!! I am on pins and needles waiting to see what she's done for this first challenge.
Each time I look at one of her creations, I'm absolutely blown away. The amount of detail she adds is really spectacular. And her coloring is so beautiful!
The count down is really on. Super excited for the launch.
Dreamtime Designs Craft Challenge Design Team
Queen Bee Paper Crafts

PS: I'd just about give anything to see that flat rainbow cake! Bet there were tons of giggles coming from your kitchen while they were baking it.

The-Butterfly said...

If you imagine the cutest fluffy animal you can, times that by a thousands and this is how I feel about Mikha! Haha she is SO adorable and I feel like she's the real little sister of the group, she's so lovely and positive about everything and really DO love her creations! You really need to check out her blog, I'm so excited to see what she comes up with for the first challenge!

And yes, pics of the rainbow cake was needed Lisa! Don't go holding out on us now! ;)

Sam K said...

Emmey couldn't of said it better with the 'cutest fluffiest animal times thousands' comment. Mikha is truly lovely. She is so cheery and makes me smile with everyone of her posts. Her creations are out of this world and you should definitely head on over to her blog for some inspiration. I can't wait to see her first challenge piece and all those to come :) x

P.s. Even though it was flat I bet it still looked beautiful with all those rainbow colours! x
My blog: Little Pear Tree
DT for Dreamtime Designs Craft Challenge
My Pinterest

Jay said...

We all adore Mikha she is such a sweetie and our baby sister. She has an amazing personality and a really cute sense of humour! We have had a peek at her creation for the challenge and where blown away!! You wont want to miss her creation on the 1st October, I cant wait to the finished article!!! xxx