Tuesday, September 10, 2013

More Candy & DDCC DT Member Intro :)

Good morning everyone :)

I don't know about where you are but here it is getting quite hot here.  
It is only 11am & it is 26 degrees already & it is supposed to get up to 31!  
What's happening?  It's only the beginning of Spring lol.  I think it is going to be extremely hot this Summer.  Oh well, I have air conditioning so all will be ok :)

Thank you to all of you who left me some really nice comments about my last design.  I really appreciate it & I promise that I will get around to visit you all as soon as I can.  There is a lot happening with the new DDCC Design Team at the moment but we are all having fun & there is lots of communication happening which is fantastic :)

Before I let you know more about Dreamtime Designs Craft Challenge DT, I just wanted to say a massive thank you to all of you who have taken part in my celebration blog candy.  

As of right this moment we are up to 51 entries :)  My promise was to add more candy when it reached 50 entries so I am back to add some more :)

So, if you haven't entered for the candy you can do so by clicking on the image.
There will now be 3 winners :)  Good luck.

Now onto the DDCC Design Team :)

This week I will be introducing my Design Team to you.
I have picked out ten wonderful ladies & I am so keen for you to meet them :)

My Design Team have been put into two Sister Teams. The teams are:
Dreamettes & Designettes

Each team member is extremely excited about their Sister Teams & they are looking forward to some friendly competition amongst themselves (more about that later :)

Without any further a-do I would like to introduce you to Roberta.  
Please help me by giving her a nice big warm welcome :)

Roberta is the owner of her blog Queen Bee Paper Crafts.

When Roberta joined DDCC, as with all the other members in the DDCC Design Team, I asked them to write their profile & to give us a little bit of insight to their crafty background so that we could get to know them a little better :)

This is Roberta's profile & what she has written especially for all of you :)

Hello everyone! 
My name is Roberta Swisher and I’m from Indianapolis, Indiana. 
I’m a proud Hoosier girl, born and bred!

I’ve been married to my high school sweetheart for over 28 years now and I still have a HUGE crush on him. He’s so supportive of all of my creative endeavors, I’m truly blessed. We’re the parents of 3 pretty fantastic young men. (No, I’m not biased even a little.) Our house is also home to 2 very spoiled Shiba Inu dogs. They were both rescues and they make me smile every single day.

I’ve been crafting all of my life. 
My Mom is very creative and has passed her love of DIY’ing onto me. Over the years, I’ve dabbled in scrapbooking (need to get back to that….too many pictures not preserved yet and as an amateur genealogist, I just can’t have that!) One Stroke painting, a little sewing, floral design, and baking. I’ve previously worked as both a floral designer and a caterer. I adored both jobs but decided I’d rather have my weekends and holidays spent with family rather than working so I’ve moved on from doing those things for pay and now just do them for play.

I started making cards within the past year and I am hooked. Completely. Since starting my blog and entering challenges, I’ve been awed by the level of artistry that can be achieved on a greeting card. There are still so many things I want to learn and I’m having a blast doing just that. I know I’m going to be inspired by my teammates and all of the participants of the upcoming challenges. So allow me the thank you all in advance!

When I read about Lisa beginning a brand new challenge and putting out a Design Team call, I figured “What the heck….I’ll give it a shot.” The idea of being there at the very start and seeing how things take off is exhilarating. I knew that even if I wasn’t lucky enough to be chosen, I’d still be back for the fun of the challenges. Lisa has an infectious sense of adventure and excitement. How could I NOT go back?

The morning I received my invitation to become a member of the Dreamettes, several things happened. First, I had to read the email again to make sure I hadn’t misread or misunderstood. Next, after remembering to breathe, I felt tears coming to my eyes (I’m a huge cry baby! If I’m super happy, I cry. If I’m sad, of course, I cry. If I’m mad, I cry. It’s just the way I’m wired.) After I composed myself a bit, I told hubby. Then, when I was alone, I did the most ridiculous happy dance imaginable. No one should have to see me dance! Ever seen the Seinfeld episode when Elaine dances? Yeah, I wish I was that good.

During my time on the Design Team, I really hope that I’m able to provide inspiration and support to all of the DT sisters as well as the participants. Like I said, I have much to learn but I’m always thrilled to see what new techniques I can pick up. YouTube is my friend. There are so many generous crafters that share their talents over there! I hope that I’m able to help others learn new ways to use the supplies they have before them. It’s so much fun to sit down with paper, ink, and all of my toys, I mean my tools, and see what the end product will be.

The excitement for things to get underway at Dreamtime Designs has been palpable today following all of us receiving our invitations from Lisa. She’s chosen a great group of very friendly gals who I think are going to put a new spin on challenge sites. And having looked at the work they do, I know the participants and I are going to benefit from observing their creations. We have a golden opportunity to make something spectacular and I expect nothing less will happen!

Thanks again to Lisa for choosing me….I’m over the moon!!

P.S. I should have stated up front that I tend to ramble on a bit. I really do talk this much in person too. Bless hubby’s heart.

Thank you so much Roberta.  We are blessed with having you on the team :)

You can find Roberta's blog post with letting all her followers know about her good news.  Why not click here & go check it out.

I will be back tomorrow with Roberta's reaction after she received the information of what the first DDCC challenge is :)  heehee.  You won't want to miss it :)

Not long to go till we let you know the first DDCC challenge :)
We hope you will participate & join us :)

See you tomorrow.

Big hugs xx

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Unknown said...

Lisa, you have picked a winner with Roberta, looks like your new challenge is going to be fab, good luck all of you xxx

Suman Pandit said...

A huge welcome to Roberta, looking forward to the new challenges and DT inspiration !!

Unknown said...

Thanks, Lisa! I'm so excited about this new adventure....every morning begins with a quick look at our DT Facebook page.
Queen Bee Paper Crafts

Ann said...

Hi Lisa, I have been following your post here. You have asked us to leave any comments about things we would like to see and I have to tell you that the most important thing to me is "fairness". I have recently stopped playing along with many challenges because of alot of scandal with the way they are run and how they pick the same people to win and even the top 3 (or 5) over and over again. I am not in support of this kind of thing and will not partake in Challenge blogs where I see this happening. I wish you the best here on your Challenge blog and am interested to see how you do it. God bless you, Rea

The-Butterfly said...

Sorry to hear about your experiences with other blogs Rea, I'm sure Lisa will say the same as me in saying that our blog is very different and we really want to focus on people's designs, if you want some positive, personal comments on your creations, and to be picked based on your efforts, weather that's trying something new or working to your strengths, you'll get that with this challenge blog - I hope you come and play along so you can see this for yourself :)

cristel said...

Well hi Roberta can't wait hope its going quik to see what for challenge will start and looking forward to see all the others.