Friday, August 30, 2013

More Blog Candy & Only 3 Days Left!

Happy Fun Friday Everyone!

Thank goodness the weekend is here.  I feel like this week has been the longest ever lol.
I haven't been doing anything that makes me feel like that but I guess I have just been hanging for the weekend to get here.  

I have got a lot that I want to do in regards to mainly getting the new & up-coming Dreamtime Designs Craft Challenge organised & also picking out & finalizing the all new Design Team.  I am so excited :)

I have had more entries to the DT Call than I thought I would have & would like to thank all of you who have been extremely keen in wanting to become involved in my new little adventure.  Without you guys, this wouldn't be possible.  So thank you very much :)  All of you have submitted some wonderful designs & I am truly finding it difficult to choose who I would love on the Design Team.

Which reminds me to remind you that there is only 3 days left for you to submit your entry to my DT Call if you haven't done so already.  There is still enough time for you to get into your craft room & do what you do best in there.  Go lock yourself away for a while & show me your 'Anything Goes with Ribbon' themed design & submit it to be in the new Dreamtime Designs Craft Challenge DT.  You can enter here:

I have been working hard to try & ensure that our new challenges & this blog is like no other.  After a week of putting some thoughts & ideas together, I am happy to say that we are going to be quite, quite unique from all of the others & this blog will not just be a 'stop over' just to see the new challenge for that month.  To me & hopefully to you too, it will be much, much more than just a place to go for a challenge :)

I am trying to construct something different not only into the challenges but it's system that will go along with it.  I can't ( or won't lol ) tell you much right now as you will have to wait & see on the 1st October.  However, I will tell you this....  

DDCC will be a fun-filled place where we can all get to know one another, where we can creep inside eachother's craft rooms, where we can offer advice & ideas to eachother, where we can come for support & discussions, where we can learn different techniques & other factors from one another etc.  Most of all have HEAPS of fun!

 That my friends... is my goal :)  

It is also my goal to find out exactly what you would love to find here.
What would you love to have happen here?  What would you like to see?
What would you like help with?  What would you class as FUN? :)
I would love to hear your feedback on this so please let me know in the comments so that I can build this around ALL of us.  I can't wait to see your ideas :)  Feel free to comment away :)

Also, if you see this blog changing with new additions etc then you will know that we are one step closer to  achieving the one stop challenge blog :)  Oh & btw, did you notice that I have changed the look of my blog?  I haven't totally finished it yet but just wondering if you are ok with the font?  Can you read it ok?  Would love a little feedback on this.  I would hate to think that you are having trouble reading my rambles lol.  If it is too hard to read, I will change it back to the original font.  No harm done & I promise I won't be offended.

Alrighty....talking about rambling...I will move on :)

Have you entered the blog candy yet?  If not, please do so.  Why?  
Well, as promised, due to reaching more than 25 entries I am now adding blog candy number two :)  So, now not only will there be one winner but now there will be two winners :)  

Today I am adding this candy into the basket.

When there are 50 entries, I will add some more :)
You can add your entry here.
Good luck :)

What else can I tell you?  Oh, that's right....I am having a 'Destash Sale'.
I have made a new photo album on my Facebook in which I am adding all the items from my stash that I no longer require.  You can get to the album here.

If you see something you want simply write 'sold' in the comments section of that item.  When you have finished 'shopping' let me know & I will PM you with the final total & payment details.  

There is only a handful of items there at the moment but I will be adding more items tonight & over the weekend.  In actual fact, I will be adding more items each time I find something that I don't necessarily need anymore.
So come on over & grab yourself a bargain.

Talking about Facebook...I am also hosting a giveaway this weekend :)
A few weeks ago I created these little Tilda Notelets.

They are 3 x 3 inches in size & there are four of them.  They can also be used as gift tags if you like.

I was going to add them to my Etsy shop but decided that I would rather give them away to you :)  You can enter the giveaway here.

My Daughter is about to go to Youth Group so I had better go & get her dinner ready :)
Have a great weekend everyone.

Big hugs

Thank goodness for social media :)  Feel free to keep up with me :)
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Suman Pandit said...

Hi Lisa, loved reading your post and your vision for the blog. Happy to connect !!
wishing you loads of success & Hugs

Astrid said...

Hi Lisa.I loved it too the vision of the blog. When you need some help, mail me please.
I would love to see how all things are going to happen.
Have a nice weekend too.
Hugs Astrid

Sarah - Crea S said...

Hi Lisa! Wow, I'm so curious right now. Can't wait to see when you and your team get started!
I can imagine it'll bee a real job who to pic and not to pic for your DT-team! Curious about that too since I entered ;)
Anyway, just want to wish you loads of succes!

Blankina said...

Lovely look of your blog and the font perfect..
I want these ribbons!!! OMG how pretty..I have netered the candy, fingers crossed.
Curious to see what you have instore for the challenges, goodluck with it all,
Ciao Blankina

The-Butterfly said...

Omg you are making ME excited and I'm just a little follower! I absolutely love that you plan to be different, I can't imagine how, there are so many challenge blogs out there and it'll be so refreshing to be apart of (DT or just playing along)
I'll get my thinking cap on for some of the ideas you are after, I have a lot of challenge blog experience from being on DT's to mainly taking part and I have loves and hates from many of them so I'm sure I could think of a few things - never been so excited about a challenge blog before that's for sure!
I like the idea of the DT showing a real bond with each other and not just their own work being shown for Inspiration but maybe somehow connected, like the DT playing tag or something where their work is connected to the person previously, like the same ribbon or colour combo - fun to see how people take the same element and make it different? - I'm sure your head is buzzing with ideas anyway! I need some sleep personally lol the font is fine, I'm loving the changes and here's to a very exciting challenge blog future!

BrossArtAddiction said...

So cute!

xx Tracey xx