About DDCC

Dreamtime Designs Craft Challenge
was created in August 2013 by myself, Lisa Walsh.

DDCC was a mere little thought in my head a while ago but over time those little thoughts started to form something more important to me than I ever imagined.  However, the biggest & most important thing to me when I was creating it's structure was that DDCC had to be very, very unique! 

The challenges here at DDCC are quite different to what you are used to being a part of.  It is pretty easy to create projects to themes like 'use a Tilda stamp, create a Christmas theme or add some sparkle to your project, right?  There are many challenge blogs that do this which is great but I wanted to offer much more than that.  To you, our challenge participants & also to my Design Team.  Even though these suggestions may be included in the DDCC challenge themes, I can assure you that our challenges are not that simple & it will not be the 'be all & end all' of that particular challenge :)

At DDCC we will challenge you to expand & enhance yourself on or to a Designer level.  The challenges are & will be craft focused but they will be focused more on you as the Designer & your capabilities.

Let's think about it for a second.
Our designs & projects always get noticed by our blog visitors but do we get the same recognition as an actual designer?  Do our followers even really know who we are & who they are actually following?  No, I personally believe that the majority of them don't.  Do you?

Also, let me ask you this:

Would you like to be in a postition where people are actually noticing YOU as much, if not more, than your actual designs?

Do you want your followers to see your thought process, hard work & effort that you put into creating your projects?

Do you want your followers to see the skills & expertise that you have & what it takes to create the gorgeous designs that you do create?

If so, then you have definitely come to the right place.  Why?  Simple.
You are the Designer & YOU are the one that deserves the recognition.

At Dreamtime Designs Craft Challenge our main focus is on & about you.
"The Designer"!  

The DDCC Design Team embraces this concept & I can assure you that your designs & projects will be recognised for what they actually are.  They will be there at your blogs to encourage you & your skills with their genuine, meaningful & helpful thoughts on what you have accomplished.  As a Designer :)

Welcome to Dreamtime Designs Craft Challenge
We will look forward to you joining us & participating in our very unique challenges.


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1 comment:

Sam K said...

Great post Lisa :) Can't wait for the challenges to go live, you are right they are going to be very different, but I also think much more rewarding than the 'normal' challenge. It will be great for comments to be about the actual project/designer, rather than a copy and pasted note. That said I do appreciate the time given by any DT member of any challenge that manages to get round all the different blogs. Hugs