Tuesday, January 5, 2016

My Project Monday #2

It has been a great week so far! Mind you it's only Tuesday :)
We are supposed to be having rain all week so I think it's a great time to get some crafty things happening.

This year I have promised myself to get a lot of my un-finished projects completed as I have quite a few stored away that I have been meaning to finish.  You can read more about it over at Dreamtime Craft Supplies blog

I am going to take part in this weeks My Project Monday over at DCS by working on a project I started back in 2014!  Yep, it was a while ago but I did put a lot of work into it before putting it away. I didn't finish it as I moved house that week.

I started making a little album. I wasn't too sure what I was going to do with it after putting it together but it was something completely out of my comfort zone & I had never created anything like this before. I was & still am quite happy with the way it turned out hence why I kept it in my cupboard & planned to complete it one day.  Well, finally that day is here.

My Mum's birthday is in April & I would like to have it ready by then to give to her as a birthday present. She hasn't got a creative bone in her body nor the patience but she loves the projects that I design. Maybe one day she will sit down with me & try her hand at paper crafting. Hmmm probably not lol. One can only hope :)

I went through two boxes of old photos that I had stored in my wardrobe & wow, so many I threw out! Just ones that were way too blurry to rescue, scenic ones that I can't even remember where I took them & animal pics from Zoo's that we went to when the kids were young that simply have no relevance to us now & they are all probably dead by now anyway...horrible thought but more than likely true.

I remember when I first created the album that I had the intention of creating it with as many paper & embellishment scraps (which I call challenge pieces) as I could. For my challenge pieces I have three different containers full of odds & bobs that I feel could come in handy one day (more on that another time), so I dug through it & found a few pieces that I could possibly use on the first page of the album.

Hopefully, it will all come together nicely.  Wish me luck :)

Thanks so much for visiting & why don't you join me in My Project Monday? Surely you have some un-finished projects that you have been meaning to complete? Go have a look, I bet you do. I challenge you :)

Happy crafting
xx Lisa xx