Tuesday, October 1, 2013

DDCC - Our First Challenge :)

Good morning my friends :)

Today is the official grand opening of 
Dreamtime Designs Craft Challenge.

Myself & the Design Team are extremely excited that finally the day has come that I can tell you what our very first challenge is.  Woo hoo! :)

I have promised you for the last few months that DDCC will be unique & our challenges will be unlike any other that you have come across.  I still believe that this is true & I am going to deliver challenges that will hopefully make you step back & think.  To give you the guidance & confidence to step outside of the circle & hopefully take you out of your comfort zone :)  It wouldn't be a challenge otherwise, would it? :)

The 'About DDCC' page explains more about why we are here & why we are different to any other challenge blog.  Please take the time to have a look now before you look at the first challenge.  It will bring you one step closer to our concept & will lead you to the reason why our challenges are uniquely different. Myself & the Design Team truly hope you will love the concept of DDCC & what it represents as much as we do :)

Here at DDCC we will be challenging you to expand & enhance yourself on or to a Designer level.  The challenges are & will be craft focused but they will be focused more on you as the Designer & your capabilities.

However, in saying that please do not think that you are 'not good enough' or 'not classed as a Designer' to enter our challenges.  Maybe you have only been crafting for a small amount of time & don't feel confident enough or maybe you may feel uncomfortable with the projects that have already been entered into our challenge. Or maybe you will even feel intimidated by the actual challenge itself.  Please don't feel this way. 

Our challenges are not based on high level expertise, nor how long someone has been crafting. We open our arms & welcome absolute beginners to the more advanced crafters.  We are all on different levels, have different techniques & even come from a different type of craft.  We are all only limited by our own imagination & what we can learn from each other.  This is exactly why our challenges are based around YOU, the Designer.

If you do feel intimidated by the challenge (which most of us at DDCC were lol), take the time to write the challenge down on a notepad, make a coffee, go sit in your favourite quiet place & just have some 'time out' to ponder over it for a while.  Dissect each section, take it apart & then re-construct it to 'your way of thinking'.

Don't be surprised if your project idea doesn't come to you straight away.  For some of us it took a few days :)  However, eventually, you will be amazed at how an image will start forming in your mind with the project you would like to create that fits in with the challenge theme, perfectly :) 

Now onto our very first challenge.
Are you ready?  Here we go :)

Dreamtime Designs Craft Challenge #1:
Anything Goes About Me - The Designer Behind the Project.

This challenge revolves around any type of design or project that you would like to create.  You can use anything your heart desires but the finished item MUST be related to your answers from questions below.

Please note:  The following questions are to be literally included & are an important part of the challenge.  They need to be added to your challenge blog post along with your answers due to your project being designed & based around them.

Challenge - Part A:
Answer the following five questions:

1) Where do you live?
2) What do you love most about where you live?
3) Who do you share this special place with?
4) What is your favourite season there & why?
5) What is your most loved thing to do or place to visit & why?

Challenge Part B:
Create your design / project that reflects the questions above.

Challenge Part C:
Take a photo or two of anything that relates to your above discussion so that they can be included in your challenge blog post.


Challenge Rules:
Who can enter: Anyone
Specifications: You must have a blog
Number of entries:  Only one entry per person is allowed
Deadline: 31st October (Australian Timezone)

(To see the complete rules & guidelines click here)


What is the prize?

Our Shining Star Winner will
to spend at any craft store of their choice.
(Australian Dollars via PayPal)


We will also have a Top 5 who will be carefully selected in order of 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc, by our DDCC DT ladies.  The Top 5 will receive a badge in recognition of their winning places in the challenge.


Also, due to the complexity of our challenges we would like to reward you with a DDCC Conquered badge in recognition to ALL those who participate & conquer our challenges.

This is the badge for when you complete Challenge #1

At Dreamtime Designs Craft Challenge everyone wins something
as YOU & your work deserves the recognition of all the hard work you have put into your projects :)


Would you like to see what the DDCC Design Team have created for this challenge?  Of course you would :)  

You will notice that I have only provided a sneak peak so you will need to click on the image which will take you to their blog to see the whole creation & their answers to the rest of the challenge :)

Don't forget to leave a comment on their challenge post as they have worked extremely hard on their projects & they would love to know what you think on their take of the challenge :)

Here are the DT's stunning challenge projects full of inspiration just for you.

Designette Emmey

Designette Jay

Dreamette Julie

Dreamette Roberta

Dreamette Sam

Dreamette Cindy

Designette Joanne

Dreamette Mikha

Designette Gemma


Now that you have seen the sneaky peeks of the DT's challenge projects & you have gone to visit their blogs to see the 'full view' of them, we hope that you are inspired to try the challenge out for yourself :)

If you would like to interact with other's who are taking part in our challenges please feel free to join our DDCC Facebook group. That way you can share ideas on the challenges, ask questions & get help with any problems you might have from the Design Team ladies themselves. Oh, what fun we are going to have :)  You can join the DDCC Facebook group here.

Feel free to take our badges to put on your blog & link them to here :)

We hope to see you in our Facebook Group so that we can get to know you a little better & can't wait to feast our eyes on your wonderful completed challenge project :)

Are you up to the Dreamtime Designs Craft Challenge?
Enter your challenge project below with our wonderful Mr Linky :)

(If in the event that Mr Linky isn't working please submit your entry blog link to the comments section below).

Good luck & don't forget to have fun with this challenge.
Enjoy the journey :)

Take care & see you back here tomorrow as I will be sharing my project & take on the challenge.  Thank you very much for visiting.

Big hugs xx

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Jay said...

Amazing Lisa, well done, this is fantastic Jay xxx

Joanne said...

Do you hear it.....? Listen, it's the roar of applause and a standing ovation for the FANTASTIC job you've done on your blog!!! So much love and energy have gone into it I am sure, and it really shows! I am so enjoying being a part of this wonderful group you have put together. I can't wait to watch us all grow with our crafting skills and all the marvelous new things I know we will all learn! THANX SO MUCH LISA! Yur Da BOMB!!! Hugs xxx Joanne

Unknown said...

Lisa, My sweet, you know how I love ya' but seriously....we have to wait another day to see your project?! Since you make up the rules I guess we just have to deal with it. Oh, the agony of suspense.
As I've said before, I'm thrilled and humbled to be a part of the team you've gathered from around the world. This is such a unique challenge concept and I'm lucky enough to be here at the beginning. Thank you, lovely Lisa!
Dreamtime Designs Craft Challenge Design Team
Queen Bee Paper Crafts

Cindy said...

Fantastic Lisa, I love it, I am very happy to be a part of your team. I hop a lot of people will join! Hugs, Cindy

happyglitzygirl said...

Hi Lisa, great blog post and as I was reading all the guff and the rules, I thought, this so sounds like an Aussie thing to do, seriously, then realised that you are...how funny....go for it..love the idea and am ready for the challenge, congratulations on your wonderful new challenge blog, blessings Hilde ( another Aussie, visit my challenge blog over at Crafting for Dragonflies )

Julie Gleeson said...

Great comments Lisa and you deserve all of the praise for doing something so different and wonderful! I really cant wait to see what people do for the challenge! I am sure it will be a great success! xox

Sam K said...

What a great post Lisa. I can't believe we have to wait another day before we get to see yours!! Sneaky, sneaky! Can't wait to go on a blog hop to visit all the DT posts and see what they have all done, the sneak peeks are all very enticing. Great Job, thanks for being so inspiring, hugs, Sam x

Little Pear Tree
Dreamtime Designs Craft Challenge
My Pinterest

The-Butterfly said...

Can't wait to see what you create! :)

KT Fit Kitty said...

Thank you for this fun and inspirational challenge - it really helped me plan my project, and I think it's the best card I have ever made - the recipient was thrilled with it. I am grateful for this very unique and thoughtful challenge - I enjoyed it!

Sam K said...

Thank you For joining us Kitty, your card is beautiful :) I have been to your blog to check it out fully :) x