Thursday, June 20, 2013

An Unexpected Visitor!

Hi everyone,
Wow, am I really posting on my blog the very next day after my last post? lol  Things are looking up :)

Look at this cute little guy...

I found him this morning out in my backyard.  He was huddled between the air conditioner & the outside wall of my house.  I suspected something was wrong or maybe he was just trying to get warm as it is pretty cold here today.

After about an hour or so he came out into the open & I saw the damage to his chest!  Poor little guy.  I tried to get closer to have a better look but of course the closer I got the more he backed off lol.  

I went inside, grabbed some bread, a little container of water & of course my camera.  I knew that I could zoom in on him when taking the pics so that I could get a better look at his injury.  

He totally devoured the bread & drank heaps of water (the container was full to the brim lol) whilst I was clicking away with the camera sitting on the back step.  He kept cocking his head when he heard the camera click each time I took another photo :)

With each click of the camera the closer he moved towards me.  See how he is puffing out his chest?  I'm sure he's flirting with the camera lol.  Anyway, I could see he was hurt & it looked like he had a pierced hole in his chest.  Poor little thing.

I raced inside, did a Google search & found out he's called a Spotted Dove :)  It's amazing what you can learn each day.  I did another search & rang the local RSPCA.  They wouldn't take him & they gave me four different numbers to call.  

All of the wildlife rescue services wouldn't take him due to the fact that he isn't an Australian 'Native'.  So, anyway I didn't give up.  I rang the local vet & she said that she would take him & see what they could do for him.  Thankfully it wouldn't cost me anything due to him being a wild bird.  I mean, he was the one to visit me...not the other way around lol.

Just before I took him to the vet I sat back down on the step again, just watching him & taking more photos. He seemed quite content.  In fact, he got right up close to me & posed for the camera :)

I love the white spots on the back of his neck :)

It came time to get him into a box & take him to the vet.  He didn't like being picked up that's for sure & he tried to get out of the box but eventually he settled down.

When I got him to the vet she told me that she would ring me later to let me know how he is.  I am so hoping he will get better.  I guess we will just have to wait & see.

Till then...if I see a cat, I'm gonna have some personal words to it as I am sure that is how the poor little guy got injured.  Anyway at least the Dove is in safe hands now.

Have you had an experience like this?  What happened?

Thanks so much for visiting & I will be back tomorrow with a sneaky glimpse of the next design I am working on :)  I hope you join me :)

See you then.


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Karon said...

Such a lovely post and hope they were able to do something for him :-) TFS and great photos!

Sassy Raggedy said...

What a beautiful dove and you got some wonderful shots of him. I hope they were able to help him. Looking forward to hearing if they could. Hugz, joann