Sunday, December 9, 2012

Dreamtime Pinterest Challenge

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Do you have a Pinterest account?  How often do you use Pinterest?
I tend to use it quite a lot & have to say that I think I am addicted lol.

In fact, I have gained SO much inspiration in regards to creating my designs.  I realised that the majority of the time, I was actually challenging myself to adopt my pinned item & incorporate it somehow in my next design.

I also realised that I have pinned SO many items that I would love to try my hand at & create that I wondered if I would ever get around to actually doing it.  It also makes me wonder just how many of you feel the same way?

So, I have come up with the idea of having a Dreamtime Pinterest Challenge on a monthly basis.  It would act the same way as a normal challenge but instead of leaving your pins sitting on your board & you thinking 'I will do that one day'... I now challenge you to actually do it, now :)

It might be a DIY or craft project you have been meaning to create, a specific photo sitting idea, a recipe, a vase of specific flowers or even going on a holiday to a certain destination that you have pinned.

Whatever the pin may be, there is a reason for why it is on your board.  What is that reason?  Do you want to create it, write it, bake it etc?  Need the extra push to get you into gear?  Now is your chance.

Welcome to the Dreamtime Pinterest Challenge.

Officially starting on Monday 10th December 2012.

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See you then :)

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