Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Dreamtime's Daily Glimpse - Wednesday

Good morning to all of you lovely people :)

It's been a hectic few days to say the least!  
My Daughter, Zoe (12 yrs old), asked me on Saturday whether she could go to the fruit & vegie market with her friend Charlotte & her mum Kathy.  I didn't see a problem with it & gave Zoe $10 to get herself some lunch & also some potatoes for dinner whilst she was there.

She was gone for about 2 hrs when she called me & says,
'Hey Mum, we are on our way back & guess what?  I got you a present.  
It's pretty big though'.

Here I am smiling on the other end of the phone & thinking it must be a tall plant, until Zoe says "Mum...It's alive!'. 

I sent her to the markets to get some potatoes & she comes back with a RABBIT!!! lol.

Hmmm, a present for me...yeah right! lol  More like, she wanted it for herself & tried to soften me over lol.  However it worked :)  

The little baby Dwarf rabbit, who have been named Missy, is absolutely gorgeous to say the least :)  Missy is the smartest little rabbit I have ever seen & she is sooo tame.  She never flinches when you go near or touch her & she loves to be held.

Zoe is now calling herself a Mum & me, Nanny!!  lol  
OMG what have I got myself into? lol

Missy is currently living in a box (which she is very close to getting out of by herself) & we now need a rabbits hutch.  Anyone got one that you don't need? LOL

Anyway, I'm sure that I will get around to taking a photo of Missy soon that I can show you :)

Well, I'd better get onto the design at hand.
This is Witch Tilda.

Now, I coloured Tilda in over a year ago & got this far with the design.
Something 'came up' & prevented me to finish it.  I have been looking at this design ever since but I always procrastinate to getting it done but I always end up putting it off.  Well, not today!! lol

It's not that far off Halloween & I would like to have it finished & added to my Etsy shop.  Trouble is, I have got nooo idea on how to finish it lol.  Hmmm, talk about test my mojo lol.

At the moment it's just a topper & I need to convert it into a Card Keepsake.
Decisions, decisions :)  Any ideas?

Righty oh then, I'd better get cracking :)
I'll catch up with you tomorrow.



Alyce said...

BAHAHAHA! Hope you enjoy your new rabbit! hehehe. Love your gorgeous card...the blacks really are striking and the whole design is great :D

sallysbitz said...

Rabbits are lovely pets. I had one myself. Will be nice to see a piccy x

Your card is just Gorgeous. I do love the black & white combo & those papers look fab x

hugs sally x

Andrea, said...

Beautiful, love the image and colours you have used