Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Dreamtime's Daily Glimpse - Wednesday

Good morning to all of you lovely people :)

It's been a hectic few days to say the least!  
My Daughter, Zoe (12 yrs old), asked me on Saturday whether she could go to the fruit & vegie market with her friend Charlotte & her mum Kathy.  I didn't see a problem with it & gave Zoe $10 to get herself some lunch & also some potatoes for dinner whilst she was there.

She was gone for about 2 hrs when she called me & says,
'Hey Mum, we are on our way back & guess what?  I got you a present.  
It's pretty big though'.

Here I am smiling on the other end of the phone & thinking it must be a tall plant, until Zoe says "Mum...It's alive!'. 

I sent her to the markets to get some potatoes & she comes back with a RABBIT!!! lol.

Hmmm, a present for me...yeah right! lol  More like, she wanted it for herself & tried to soften me over lol.  However it worked :)  

The little baby Dwarf rabbit, who have been named Missy, is absolutely gorgeous to say the least :)  Missy is the smartest little rabbit I have ever seen & she is sooo tame.  She never flinches when you go near or touch her & she loves to be held.

Zoe is now calling herself a Mum & me, Nanny!!  lol  
OMG what have I got myself into? lol

Missy is currently living in a box (which she is very close to getting out of by herself) & we now need a rabbits hutch.  Anyone got one that you don't need? LOL

Anyway, I'm sure that I will get around to taking a photo of Missy soon that I can show you :)

Well, I'd better get onto the design at hand.
This is Witch Tilda.

Now, I coloured Tilda in over a year ago & got this far with the design.
Something 'came up' & prevented me to finish it.  I have been looking at this design ever since but I always procrastinate to getting it done but I always end up putting it off.  Well, not today!! lol

It's not that far off Halloween & I would like to have it finished & added to my Etsy shop.  Trouble is, I have got nooo idea on how to finish it lol.  Hmmm, talk about test my mojo lol.

At the moment it's just a topper & I need to convert it into a Card Keepsake.
Decisions, decisions :)  Any ideas?

Righty oh then, I'd better get cracking :)
I'll catch up with you tomorrow.



Alyce Kit and Clowder said...

BAHAHAHA! Hope you enjoy your new rabbit! hehehe. Love your gorgeous card...the blacks really are striking and the whole design is great :D

sallysbitz2 said...

Rabbits are lovely pets. I had one myself. Will be nice to see a piccy x

Your card is just Gorgeous. I do love the black & white combo & those papers look fab x

hugs sally x

Andrea, said...

Beautiful, love the image and colours you have used