Friday, July 27, 2012

Dreamtime's Daily Glimpse

Wow, it's Friday already.  
The week went extremely quick for me.  
I am definitely looking forward to the weekend. 

My Daughter Zoe is having her friend stay over & she wants to camp out in the garden with her friend in her new 4 man dome tent that I bought her last Sunday.  She is sooo excited about it, but let's just wait till tonight.  I'm sure I will hear them banging on the front door wanting to come back into the warm lol.  It is going to be freeezing outside lol.  I don't think they quite understand that yet lol.  I will let you know how it goes tomorrow :)

As promised, from today I will be giving you a daily glimpse of the design I am currently working on.

So far, I have picked out the image.  This time I am using Edwin.  I figure that I haven't really done any boyish designs so I thought Edwin with his band aids would be a good start :)  

I don't actually have the stamp for this one.  The stamped image was given to me a year or so ago from a lovely lady I knew from an online group that I used to belong to.  

I have already started colouring in Edwins face & skin with Copics.
I have also picked out the colours of the cardstock and design papers (Chatterbox Inc & Carolees Creations) that I am going to use.

As you can see, Edwin looks a little battered lol.  Poor little thing.  
Hmmm I wonder how that happened?  
Maybe he fell off a wall, scooter, skateboard or maybe he was running?  
What is Edwin's story?  Why is he covered in band aids?
What do you think happened to poor little Edwin?  

Leave me a comment & tell me your theory which will give me idea's on how to create this design :)  

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Alyce Kit and Clowder said...

LOL that is too funny!! I agree...I bet they come running in to get out from the cold! teehee :)

Alyce Kit and Clowder said...

I can't find your email Lisa!! Mine is :) Shoot me a quick email so I can reply! xx

Mrs A. said...

My son used to camp out every summer in his tent on the back lawn all the school holidays. He loved it.
Edwin may have been in a friendly scuffle. Hugs Mrs A.